Tachyon and the origins of Aqueduct Press

Over at Book PunksNicolette Stewart provides a fascinating insight into Aqueduct Press.

Evidence of the lack of visibility among indie publishers: Until I decided to write this series, I had never heard of Aqueduct. Not one single peep. A few minutes of googling though and my jaw was on the floor. THERE IS A PUBLISHER DEVOTED TO FEMINIST SCIENCE FICTION?!?!?! Well holy fucking shit. I am a feminist, and I love science fiction. The combination of the two almost always—writing style willing, of course—leads to books I enjoy. While the Aqueduct catalogue contains a few of the bigger names in feminist science fiction—Ursula Le Guin, Gwenyth Jones, Tanith Lee, and Lisa Tuttle, for example, and feel free to translate “bigger” as “names I had heard of and possibly read”—it also contains many more names that were new to me. Their catalogue is a minefield of Nikki’s New Potential Favorite Novels.

It was during Stewart’s interview with L. Timmel Duchamp, one of the founders of the Seattle-based press, about the origins of the press that this intriguing Tachyon-related factoid appeared.

Gavin Grant’s inspiring WisCon sessions talking about the basics of small-press publishing and the example of his and Kelly Link’s Small Beer Press made it seem actually do-able. Once we set things in motion, we went to Gavin for help in finding a fulfillment service to handle our books, and other highly specific information. Later, Jacob Weisman, of Tachyon Publications, also gave us advice. Eileen Gunn, who had a career in advertising, taught me a great deal about promotion and publicity. Without question, the entire undertaking would have been a lot scarier without Eileen, Gavin, and Jacob’s generous counsel, and would have resulted in my having to continually reinvent the wheel of independent press publishing.

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