The enthralling HOLLOW WORLD is among 2014’s best


Michael J. Sullivan’s Hollow World appears on two more Best of 2014 lists. First one of the top 7 new releases for 2014 as determined by Bryce L. at Only the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy. And then named an honorable mention by Mike A. Wants of Indie-Fantasy.

Why is Hollow World an honorary mention? Because I didn’t read it this (last) year. I’d gotten an ARC and read it in 2013, so technically it wouldn’t count for this list, even if it has been release in 2014. Since there’s no one to oversee myself, I’ll just ignore that and sneak it into the list anyway, if you promise not to tell! You won’t? Good!

Hollow World is a special book. It lacks anything that might make people interested in it and even the time travel is only a token. It is, in essence, a book about an “old” man who has to shift his views to finally, maybe, be able to find some semblance of happiness. The few times some action creeps into the book that rather lowered my personal enjoyment, as it didn’t really fit the rest of the story. It’s simply enthralling to follow Ellis Rogers on his journey and is one of the books in recent memory that has made me feel real feelings. More than just feeling with the characters, the book makes you think and Ellis Rogers struggle might resemble your own. He’s the guy I am and you are and if you haven’t already, I can only recommend you taking a look.

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For information on Hollow Worldvisit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Michael J. Sullivan.