SLOW BULLETS is deftly executed


The reviews keep rolling in for Alastair Reynolds’ SLOW BULLETS.


The plot is punchy, stuffed full of surprises that speak to the text’s deceptive depth, and deftly executed excepting an ending that feels unearned. Even better: the big, bold ideas Alastair Reynolds must be most known for come thick and fast—from the slow bullets themselves to a race of aliens made of mirror glass, there’s more than enough to distract from the undercooked cast.


(Translated from Italian by Google)

In short, Slow Bullets is a little gem, because it lasts only 200 small pages. But Reynolds, you know, is also a master of short stories and we have become accustomed to its valuable goodies.

If Ann Leckie goes beyond the war to investigate the many facets of the IO, Reynolds goes beyond the war and its consequences for us to reflect on the memory that we carry with us: and if, sometimes, it is better to get rid of it?

For those who want to approach the author for the first time Slow Bullets is an excellent start for those who love him already excellent confirmation with new ideas, perfect for the beach! Only weakness: it ends too soon!

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Cover art by Thomas Canty

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