SLOW BULLETS is solid and engaging

A pair of reviews for Alastair Reynolds’  SLOW BULLETS.

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Reynolds has crafted a solid and engaging novella that holds the reader’s interest. The only real complaint I had by the time I’d finished was that it wasn’t as long and developed as I would have liked. 


SLOW BULLETS is one of the few fiction works I’ll read this year written by a guy. Alastair Reynolds I’ve read once before: Pushing Ice, when I was in Zürich. Good, but didn’t compel me to read his Revelation Space series—it takes a lot for me to agree to read a series. After SLOW BULLETS I am leaning heavily towards reading the first of his Poseidon’s Childrentrilogy, Blue Remembered Earth. Yes, Slow Bullets is a good as its title.

I imagine him coming up with the title and going, “Faaaarrrkkyess!!” It’s his best title. If I came up with a title that good, I’d be off to the Kneipe for a beer. It’s worthy of an Iain M. Banks Rapid Offensive Unit. It’s doubly good cos it’s not bullshit, ‘look at me, I’m clever’; it refers to an object at the core of the story.

For more info about SLOW BULLETS, visit the Tachyon page.

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