Gorgeous THE ODDLING PRINCE reminds why Nancy Springer is one of the best fantasy writers ever

BOOKWYRMZ recommends Nancy Springer’s THE ODDLING PRINCE.

If you love classic
fantasy and rich nuanced storytelling, you’ll love THE ODDLING
PRINCE. The story is superb, the writing glorious, the world-building
subtle and immersive and the characters are complex. A very
satisfying read and an instant reminder of why Nancy Springer is one
of the best fantasy writers ever, up there with Diana Wynne Jones,
Brandon Sanderson, and the other greats. So glad she came out of
“retirement” to gift us another soul-searching read. Highly

Photo: Bob O’Lary

PASSMETHATBOOK praises the fantasy.

The story was entertaining, and I definitely want to own my own copy eventually, preferably in a nice hardback edition that will sit with the rest of my favored fantasies. It’s a beautiful, unique, and gorgeous story that should be read by all ages. Nancy Springer has shot up high onto my list of favorites, and I am determined to go out and find more of her books, and devour them.

Final rating is 5/5 stars.

For more info on THE ODDLING PRINCE, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover art by Brian Giberson

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