THE EMPEROR’S SOUL is a work of art

At Pendemon, Tim praises Brandon Sanderson’s award-winning THE EMPEROR’S SOUL.

In a short 150 pages, Sanderson builds an epic world for readers to explore from the perspective of a witty and charismatic con artist, even in spite of the fact that she’s confined to little more than a prison cell. He weaves a masterful web of believable characters that seize the readers’ attention and pulls them into the conflict, all while exploring themes like the nature of beauty and the motivation for forgery.


The Emperor’s Soul is an incredible story that everyone should read. It’s short enough to read in an evening and genuinely deserves the Hugo Award it won in 2013.

I might despair at the idea of never achieving a modicum of Sanderson’s talent or success, but there is no denying the quality of his craft.

It truly is a work of art.

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