LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG showcases the author’s talents and diversity

Further praise for the engaging LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG.

Photo: Kathryn Hollinrake


Armstrong has long proven to be able to satisfy her readers over the years regardless of the format of her storytelling. She has always been generous with her fans, posting short stories related to her current writing projects via her website. This latest collection of Armstrong’s work is no exception. Armstrong’s knack for grabbing her reader’s attention from page one and propelling them through the various adventures of the supernatural world has definitely not faded over the years.


What I enjoyed the most about LED ASTRAY was the fact that I found each story to be compelling.


In the early days, I really enjoyed reading Armstrong’s collection of short stories online, so having a collection such as this is a great way to sample Armstrong’s talents. But beware, sometimes Armstrong’s story-telling can become a little too engaging, as she weaves the fine threads of the supernatural world with that of horror and you might just find yourself looking over your shoulder or wondering about the things that go bump in the night.


LED ASTRAY is a solid collection that showcases Armstrong’s talents and her diversity. If you’re new to any of her series, stories from those series are full of spoilers but overall the anthology is a good introduction to Armstrong’s works and writings. 


As a fan, I love when her short stories explore the universes of her established series. It’s lovely when you get to see some of your favorite supporting cast members take center stage. Intriguing when it’s from completely different time periods. Armstrong has said that when she writes,  you get information as the main character does.  You know what they know, even if what they know is wrong. New perspectives add so much to the worlds she creates.

This book is a good way to get know her style and stories.  Check it out, and see which one leads you to a new place.


LED ASTRAY doesn’t limit itself to one canonical universe, but spreads across the different worlds that Armstrong has created and introduces several others. An engaging dark fantasy collection for both fans and new readers of Kelley Armstrong’s work.

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Cover by Elizabeth Story