WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is something refreshing and unique


At Lit Reactor, Rajan Khanna praises Daryl Gregory’s We Are All Completely Fine.

We Are All Completely Fine is something refreshing and unique — a short horror novel that is as much about relationships and people learning from one another as it is about the horrors that they are ultimately facing. Like a real support group, revelations are made and secrets are illuminated (sometimes quite literally) through the interactions of the characters. The support group structure, its goals and philosophies become part of the story itself. As far as the horror goes, the story is more creepy than scary. There are supernatural elements here but the really disturbing stuff is mostly psychological. 


Even if you’re not much of a horror fan, even if Lovecraft isn’t your jam, We Are All Completely Fine is worth your attention. Just pull up a chair, sit in on the support group. You’ll be drawn in in no time. 

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