People are just nutty for HOLLOW WORLD


The positive feedback for Hollow World just keeps rolling in.

“Hollow World is a neat vision of a future that isn’t so bad, which is so different from every other time travel story written in decades. 8/10”

“…an immersive story told by a master storyteller.”

“[I]t’s a fun, readable and hopeful look into the future that still has enough mayhem in it too keep the pages turning.”
– Buzzy Mag

“While Sullivan didn’t make any radical departures from the tropes of this type of time travel story, he used them well. There is a lot of talk in some circles these days about the need to rebel against the tropes of genre. Sometimes the best writing isn’t an overthrow of what makes a certain type of story that type of story but masterful use of those things. Sullivan succeeds in the latter.”
– Futures Past and Present

“To me, seeing the name Tachyon in a book is an immediate guarantee that the book will be good, and the only question that comes to my head is whether it will be good, great, or fantastic. I am very glad that Hollow World was no exception to this norm. 4 Stars.”
Jetpack Dragons

For information on Hollow Worldvisit the Tachyon page.