THE HOTEL UNDER THE SAND is strongly recommend for fans of Roald Dahl

For SF CROWSNEST, Sven Scheurer reviews Kage Baker’s story for young readers THE HOTEL UNDER THE SAND.

‘The Hotel Under The Sand’ is written for young readers and can also be enjoyed by adults. Its style and the fantastic storyline strongly remind me of Roald Dahl. The adventure is well narrated, the vocabulary suited for younger readers. Don’t expect lots of action, this is a fun adventure not a thriller. The central plot consists of Emma and her friends going on a treasure hunt in the hotel.

The novella is a light and entertaining read for an afternoon at the beach. Emma is the only character with a bit more depth. All the others are supports and remain sketchy at best. ‘The Hotel Under The Sand’ is a radical departure from Kage Baker’s ‘Company’ novels or her fantasy fare but as well written as those books. I would strongly recommend it for fans of Roald Dahl and readers who are still young at heart.

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Cover by Ann Monn.