The Very Best of Tad Williams is just that


At SF SignalRob H. Bedford declares that “The Very Best of Tad Williams is just that, a retrospective of a superb writer/storyteller.”

An essential addition to the bookshelf for fans of Tad Williams and also a great opportunity for new readers to sample the breadth of his storytelling prowess.


Some of these tales are also very squarely in the horror genre and many of the author’s novels have featured scary or horror elements, but none have truly been flat out horror. Again, I’d love to see a full-out horror novel from him. What I’m getting at is that Tad Williams can really write stories of any length and from any branch of the Speculative Fiction tree; proof of that is The Very Best of Tad Williams. The best of these stories have me hoping readers will get to revisit them in some fashion or revisit their genre at greater length like Horror or Space Opera.  Highly recommended.

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Cover by Kerem Beyit.

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