FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS delivers speculative fiction with grit


S. Zainab Williams at BOOK RIOT praises Nalo Hopkinson’s FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS.

I’ve had this book on my shelf for a while. I noticed it again recently and challenged myself to finish it shortly before writing this. I couldn’t be happier that it didn’t end up forgotten among my stacks of half read books because it reminded me why I’m such a big fan of Hopkinson’s writing.

The collection begins with a  story about feral children living in warrens after the breakout of a violent disease, and, man, was that story a gut punch. Hopkinson writes speculative fiction with grit and manages to do what great short storytellers do best: capture a powerful and compelling snapshot.


Photo: David Findlay

Also for BOOK RIOT, Sharifah discusses the collection on her video Book Recommendations For Slow Readers.

On A DARK AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY, Michael Matheson includes, without comment, the book among their best reads of 2016.

For more information on FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS, visit the Tachyon page.

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