This Friday to Sunday, meet grandmaster Jane Yolen, award winning Jo Walton, and the acclaimed Adam D. Stemple at Minicon 54

Jane Yolen, Jo Walton, and Adam D. Stemple will all be attending Minicon 54, April 19-21, in Minneapolis, MN.


Jo Walton (photo: Eric Jentile) and Adam Stemple & Jane Yolen

Minicon is Minneapolis’s longest running science fiction convention! We hope you’ll join us this year. You’ll be in the company of about 700 other fans of not only science fiction, but fantasy, horror, anime, gaming, music, and many other pursuits.


Minicon features panel discussions, readings, signings, costuming, films, gaming, an art show, a dealers’ room, kids’ programming, a teen lounge and teen programming, a science room, music, a consuite and bar, room parties, and various other special events. For all that, most people say they don’t come for what we have scheduled, but because they want to hang out with others like them in a place that feels like home.

Guests of Honor

  • Naomi Kritzer
  • Dave DeVries
  • Tom Fleming (featured artist)

Several of Minicon’s many panels and events feature Jane Yolen, Jo Walton, and Adam D. Stemple.




Jane Yolen and Adam
Stemple Reading


Jo Walton Reading


Concert: Adam Stemple

Adam Stemple first
played music in Minnesota in 1987 at Minicon 22. He was the music
Guest of Honor at Minicon 50. In between, he played in a lot of
bands, won some awards, and lost all his hair.




Kaffeklatch with Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple
(seating is limited to 10 people)

Minicon 54
April 19-21
DoubleTree Park Place
Minneapolis, MN

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