The Bad Fairy Book Bundle features books by American Book Award winner Lisa Goldstein, World Fantasy winner Jacob Weisman, James Tiptree Jr winner Nancy Springer, and Nebula winner Jane Yolen

STORYBUNDLE offers a bad fairy bundle of 10 extraordinary titles including THE UNCERTAIN PLACES by Lisa Goldstein, THE TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC edited by Jacob Weisman and David Sandner, THE ODDLING PRINCE by Nancy Springer, and THE EMERALD CIRCUS by Jane Yolen.

Curator Sandra Kasturi has this to say:

Ah, finally, springtime is here, and with thoughts of flowers blooming and little animals bumbling sleepily out of their burrows in the woods, my thoughts naturally turn to other delightful springtime things—flowers and woods conjuring up thoughts of delightful fairies flitting about. And by “delightful” I of course mean “bad.” Charmingly, deliciously, deviously, wonderfully bad.

Who doesn’t love a bad fairy? Let’s be honest, it’s always the naughty ones who hold our interest! From old fairy stories gathered by collectors like Grimm or Yakuma, to Brian Froud’s gorgeous, detailed illustrations of pixies and kobolds, to Disney’s depiction of Maleficent, fairies have inhabited our cultural consciousnesses the world over for centuries, in our childhoods and dreamworlds, into our adult years and waking moments.

That’s why I’m curating the Bad Fairy Book Bundle for—I love those malignant creatures and I’ve found you a wonderful assortment of ten novels and collections by bestselling, legendary, award-winning authors and rising stars. Books full of bad (and sometimes good!) fairies as well as other astonishing beings and memorable characters.

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