SLOW BULLETS is sure to please fans of hard scifi and space opera

At the SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY BOOK CORNER, Daniel praises Alastair Reynolds’ SLOW BULLETS

The characters are very well done, and fully complex.  The cast that is detailed is limited, but this is to be expected with the word count of this novella.  We are also introduced to the characters by watching their actions, not be being told about them.  This is very important in a streamlined story such as this.  The characters act in believable ways, and the times we are surprised by them, it is never ‘out of character.’

In summary, this is a very nice piece of scifi fiction, sure to please fans of hard scifi and space opera.  The writing is tight, the characters are well developed, and the story itself moves along at a cracking pace.  The challenges that are met by the cast of characters are interesting, and how they adapt to them is inventive and believable.  The social critique aspects of the story thought provoking and dealt with within the framework of the story.

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