Screaming Planet can’t “really talk about [the Peter Watts collection BEYOND THE RIFT] coherently”


As part of Screaming Planet’s summary of the best collections of 2013, their blogger opines:

The other short story collection I should talk about is one I can’t really talk about coherently. I’m such as screaming piss-my-pants-with-euphoria fanboy of Peter Watts that whatever I may say about Beyond the Rift will probably sound suspiciously like insane babbling of a gibbering maniac. Simply put, he is the writer I wish I could be. If you like your science fiction hard, if you like it when it requires use of your brain, and if you like it just ever so slightly dark (okay, I may be understating that a bit), you will love Watts, and this collection of his short work is an excellent place to sample his work and see if you should move on to his dammit I can’t control myself absolutely fucking brilliant novels. Gahh. Well. There you have it.

For more on Beyond the Riftvisit the Tachyon page.

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