A great fantasy read, THE EMPEROR’S SOUL is thoughtful and thought provoking


For The Daily Lexa, Alexandra Orlando reviews Brandon Sanderson’s The Emperor’s Soul.

Before I start this review let me tell you something: this is my favorite Sanderson book. And considering how good his other books are, that’s a freaking huge statement right there.

 It’s almost impossible for me to explain all the things I love about this book without ranting, so I’ll do a short version first:

This is shorter than your standard Sanderson book and as such, it doesn’t have the world building, big set of characters and epic plot line they usually have. However it delivers a concise well thought plot; a nicely explained and incredibly interesting magic system; and awesome well developed characters.

Also, if you’re a fan of The Way of Kings, this book gives a lot of insight about soulcasting.

 Just go read it. Seriously. You can thank me later.


So yes, I loved this book because not only it was a great fantasy read, it was also thoughtful and thought provoking one.

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