Surprising, edge of the seat COLD IN JULY is a great read


Stregamari gushes about Joe R. Lansdale’s Cold in July.

Richard Dane is an average man; with his own small business, a loving wife and a young son he loves but doesn’t understand. He shoots a robber during a home break in, and begins a descent into that dark underworld we all know is there but hope to never see. He begins to examine his past; his fathers’ abandonment, the loss of a child, then begins to understand the path he’s on. This book is well written, the characters so deftly drawn they followed me out of the book. I was on the edge of my seat for the tense parts, and was constantly surprised by the next event. Nothing was as it seemed, and there were so many, plausible, plot twists I had trouble putting the book away. Plausible, because as an event was developing, I’d think “oh yeah, I should have realized that was coming!” Jim Bob is wonderful, and I really loved Russell and Ann. This was a great read, I am looking forward to the movie.

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