Nancy Springer’s intriguing THE ODDLING PRINCE is an absolute delight

Jim Killen for B&N SCI-FI & FANTASY BLOG includes Nancy Springer’s THE ODDLING PRINCE among The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of May 2018.

Springer is the author of more than 50 books for children and adults; this one hits the sweet spot between them, a richly written story of two young men finding their true paths.

At TOE SIX PRESS, Sandra Ruttan praises the book.

THE ODDLING PRINCE is a quest, but if you are looking for a traditional quest you won’t find it here. It’s an intriguing story that has many twists and turns. Baldaric’s rejection of Albaric creates a gulf between Baldaric and Aric while Aric and Albaric bond. The fears and guilt that fester in the king’s soul are manifested throughout the land and although at one point Aric was concerned about saving his father the larger concern of saving the kingdom ultimately dominates everything. Can Aric, who has found true love as well as the love of a brother, find a way to unite his family so that they can live in peace? Or will sins of the past lead to a tragic future?

I do not want to give anything about this story away. It was an absolute delight to read.

SUBURBIA READS enjoys the novel.

What a wild ride I just took with this novel. THE ODDLING PRINCE was both a fast paced and intriguing tale about two brothers. Aric, the beloved heir to the throne, and Albaric, who is somewhat the oddball – or Oddling – in the family. Throughout this novel, we get to see both of these characters become close despite the difference in each of them

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