LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG has something for everyone

A trio reviews of the very enjoyable LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG.

Photo: Kathryn Hollinrake


Overall this is a strong anthology, with a good mix of reprints from more popular publishings and those a little less so (and hence, harder to find), with a few original also. We see characters from the above mentioned series but probably half the shorts in this collection are standalone, showing exactly how strong Armstrong is in the art of the short story – introducing us to character and plot in such limited space.


What works best about this anthology is how assessable it is for those who aren’t entirely familiar with Armstrong’s work. As previously mentioned, there are a few original stories to this collection but most importantly, it’s the amount of stories that are standalone, which aren’t purely there for fans specifically of one of her best-selling series.

This anthology is highly recommended, and was very enjoyable to read!


What I found out after reading the book was that even if I wasn’t already a fan of Ms. Armstrong, I still would have loved her stories in this book. Having read her work before, I can say that in this anthology, she showcases what she does best which is write stories on the paranormal genre. She even dips into horror in some. This collection of stories has something for everyone. I mean, every reader will find at least one favorite. And while not all the stories will be unforgettable, any reader will certainly enjoy the adventure and otherworldliness of her tales. This is a good anthology all in all, and it’s worth checking out.


I really enjoyed this collection of Kelley Armstrong short stories. Some were part of her existing worlds, while others were standalones. Almost all were winners for me and I think any fan would enjoy this.

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Cover by Elizabeth Story