WE ARE COMPLETELY FINE author Daryl Gregory tried to keep it real


Daryl Gregory, author of We Are All Completely Fine, recently participated in Suvudu’s Take Five, a regular series where authors and editors share five facts about their latest books.

Amazing Fact #1: No psychologists were harmed in the making of this novella.

This is an important point. I’m married to a psychologist. Do you know how many movie therapists are incompetent, immoral, or both? Well, my wife will tell you about all of them. I wanted to feature an ethical therapist, and show what real therapy looked like—though I did extend the term “real” to include fictional people who have been the victims of supernatural monsters. Of course, everything eventually goes to hell in the novella, and the patients discover that their stories are more interconnected than they believed, and that the therapist has secrets of her own… but given all that, I tried to keep it real.

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