The acclaimed Richard K. Morgan suggests putting “the barrel of Rajaniemi’s fiction in your mouth and blow your mind”


Richard K. Morgan, author of the  A Land Fit For Heroes series and the Takeshi Kovacs novels, loves the works of Hannu Rajaniemi and his collection HANNU RAJANIEMI: COLLECTED FICTION.

Nano-jacked super-beings, carnivorous emergent technologies, the doors of perception yanked wide and almost off their hinges…. Hannu Rajaniemi has a deserved reputation as the very hardest of Hard SF writers, but his full range is far wider and warmer. From stories of tech-driven future nightmare to eerie Finnish mythscapes rewired, quirky surreal mood pieces and experimental narrative genuinely worthy of the name, Rajaniemi writes fiction coded for the bleeding edge of modernity and yet rooted in age-old human imperatives; at the radiant core of these tales is a single enduring concern – the ache of the human heart and the courage it takes to live with it, in this era or any other.  So if you thought Hard SF was sterile stuff, lacking in human affect, think again – put the barrel of Rajaniemi’s fiction in your mouth and blow your mind.

For more info on HANNU RAJANIEMI: COLLECTED FICTION, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover art by Lius Lasahido

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