INVADERS pushes the envelope not only of sci-fi, but of literature as a whole


As the editor Jacob Weisman points out in the Introduction, there is a history of writers with serious literary credentials, experimenting with sci-fi. And Invaders has been curated to exhibit works at this very intersection. But rather than blasting straight off into space, these stories hover just above terra firma. It’s a strategy not without risks – those needing the ‘out there’ dial turned all the way up to ten, may not get off. And in different hands, those who prefer stories rooted in reality, could well get motion sickness. But Weisman’s selected writers not only have serious pedigree – many are recipients of major literary awards – they have all understood the mandate: to use sci-fi and fantasy to explore eternal human themes. And in the skilled hands on show in this collection, it works perfectly. 


INVADERS lives up to its tagline – ’22 tales from the outer limits of literature’. In here, some of the best writers have freestyled on a blank page, without care for rules or patterns. And in so doing, they’ve produced stories that push the envelope not only of sci-fi, but of literature as a whole.

Jacob and friend enjoying the reviews (photo: Jill Roberts)

At STRANGE ALLIANCES, Elaine Aldred likes the anthology, too.

There is definitely a literary feel to these stories in their structure and use of words. This is tight writing and perfectly formed because of it. But just because these stories are written by authors who are largely literary writers does not mean that they lack the leaps of imagination required by this genre. They also demonstrate that you do not need technological fireworks to write great science fiction stories, nor do they use obvious literary techniques that get in the way of great story telling.


It is evident the authors are playing with the genre, and revelling in it, and not afraid to dive in right in bringing their considerable talents to bear in making the genre their own. They also demonstrate just how much you can pack into a limited word count by careful choice and placing of words to create some really interesting approaches to science fiction and fantasy writing.

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