PETER WATTS IS AN ANGRY SENTIENT TUMOR is irreverent, self-depreciating, profane, and funny

The recently released PETER WATTS IS AN ANGRY SENTIENT TUMOR is garnering excitement.

In a STARRED review at BOOKLIST, Terrence Miltner praises the collection.

His writing is irreverent, self-depreciating,
profane, and funny, showcasing a Hunter S. Thompson–esque studied rage
and dissatisfaction with the status quo combined with the readability
and humor of John Scalzi. These thought-provoking essays rail against
hypocrisy, question the usefulness of consciousness, and explore
counterrhetorical biases and how they impact our society.

Joe Karpierz for THE MT VOID offers similar sentiments.

Why do *I* think anyone will want to read Watt’s blog posts?
Because he’s interesting, he’s got great things to say, and he’s a
great writer. No matter what he thinks.

SHE TREADS SOFTLY also agrees.

You may not agree with every opinion Watts has, but you will have to
admit he is an excellent writer, presents his opinions and facts clearly
and concisely, and he is passionate about what he thinks.

Over at REDDIT, there is a conversation about the book.


It’s worth the buy just for the great icons.


So it’s a book of essays? Might be cool.

For more info about PETER WATTS IS AN ANGRY SENTIENT TUMOR, visit the Tachyon page.

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