Video interview with Peter S. Beagle lulls you into a magical world

THE NERDIST showcased three exclusive video interview clips with Peter S. Beagle and his business manager Connor Cochran.

The Blu-ray of this landmark in animation is being released Tuesday, June 9, 2015, in a nifty special edition set by Shout Factory. It includes a 45-minute making-of that sheds a lot of light on why the film wasn’t the giant smash hit it deserved to be but WAS a massive cultural touchstone for people of a certain age. Among many people, this making-of features interview footage with Beagle, who is, as you might guess, fascinating.

The above video represents interview footage featuring Beagle and his business manager Connor Cochran that didn’t make it onto the Blu-ray and only exists in this exclusive. It’s pretty clear from this that he exists in his own creative state, so watch the video and let it lull you into a magical world.

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