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James Tiptree, Jr., Brandon Sanderson (MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive), and Daryl Gregory

The University of Oregon took videos of the entire Tiptree symposium last month, and they’re now all available online including the Panel on publishing, with Jacob Weisman (Tachyon Publications), L. Timmel Duchamp (Aqueduct Press) and Gordon van Gelder and Lisa Rogers (MAGAZINE

At THE ODDNESS OF MOVING THINGSBrandon Sanderson’s award-winning THE EMPEROR’S SOUL lead Geoff Whaley to curse Mormons.

DAMN you Mormons and your great Science Fiction/Fantasy! That’s about 25% fact and 75% unadulterated conjecture. Before I go into that (you can skip the next two paragraphs if you’re not interested), funny story: I kept thinking of this as some weird hybrid of the story as it happened and The Emperor’s New Clothes. My mind is weird.


I also really enjoyed the philosophical aspect of art, politics and the idea of faithfulness/truth. There’s such a fine line between mimicry and creativity in general and I felt Sanderson wrote an incredible story which looks at it from all sides. It’s hard to say which side he comes down on because it almost seems like you can’t have either without the other. 

I can’t think of anything negative to say about the work other than it is too short! Unfortunately, that’s just the sign of a great writer in that he left me desperately wanting to know more about the characters and the setting! I appreciated the addition of Sanderson’s thoughts on writing at the end of the novella.


Recommendation: I thoroughly enjoyed it and think anyone really could. In less than 200 pages and in really only one prolonged interaction I became invested in three characters and desperately wanted to know more at the end. Definitely worth a read.

In an interview for the Swedish-language site CATAHYA, writer Mats Strandberg recommends Daryl Gregory’s award-winning WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE.

I nag always
about LOCKE &
KEY series, but they know enough, your readers
already. Michelle Pavers DARK
MATTER may actually not be missed. Elizabeth
Hands new ghost story WYLDING
HALL is really nice and mysterious. And THE
REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS by Alden Bell. I also
liked the WE ARE ALL
 by Daryl Gregory, of monsters
attack survivors in group therapy. Scariest I’ve read in a long
time is BIRD BOX by
Josh Malerman … Then I’d also like to tell about the pod FACULTY
OF HORROR, where two academic feminists analyze horror movies –
incredibly funny, smart and informative.

(Translation for Swedish by Google)

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