Four Tachyon authors earn a place among The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written


The braintrust over at BUZZFEED created a list of The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written. Four Tachyon authors and their series garnered notice.


Brandon Sanderson

#2 The Stormlight Archive

Another series that only has two books so far, so now’s the time to get involved. The one issue is that they’re BIG books, so the two The Stormlight Archives feel more like four books. Luckily, they’re incredible, so you’ll tear through them. RIYL: really big swords, sorcery, and massive battle sequences.

#12 Mistborn

The heart of this series is in the intricate and cleverly deployed system of magic that powers it. Allomancers have different abilities tied to different metals, and there is a real thrill in watching the characters learn and master their craft and combine forces as they attempt to overthrow a corrupt and oppressive regime.

Tachyon published the Hugo award-winning novella THE EMPEROR’S SOUL.


Peter V. Brett

#10 Demon Cycle

 A “hero’s journey” told through several protagonists and settings. As its name implies, the Demon Cycle exists in a complex and fascinating world where humans and demons are forced to live at constant odds with one another, and explores what happens when humans finally take a stand.

THE GREAT BAZAAR & BRAYAN’S GOLD, a pair of novellas set in the Demon Cycle universe, came out earlier this year.


Michael Moorcock

#33 The Elric Saga

Elric VIII, the 428th Sorcerer Emperor of Melniboné, is a weak and frail introvert. But his sword, Stormbringer, is anything but. It brings Elric the strength he needs to survive, at a cost: It feeds on the souls of its prey. Michael Moorcock’s subversion of what he saw as the tired tropes of fantasy established by Tolkien and others make for a powerful read that is, to this day, a seminal influence on the genre.

THE VERY BEST OF MICHAEL MOORCOCK begins with the Elric story “A Portrait in Ivory.”


Michael J. Sullivan

#37 The Riyria Revelations 

The Riyria Revelations follows two unlikely heroes across three novels written as one long ongoing tale, rather than as a series of sequels. The heroes are accused of regicide in the opening pages, and they spend the rest of the books in over their heads as they try to clear their names. Unfortunately, they have their hands full, because they’re going to need to solve the mystery of the king’s death and battle against evil wizards all at the same time.

Sullivan’s first science fiction novel, the time travel adventure HOLLOW WORLD, came out last year.

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