WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE subverts and challenges what it means to be a hero


For Throw This Book At Me, H. D. Lynn reviews Daryl Gregory’s We Are All Completely Fine.

It’s not a superhero team up, so don’t go into this book expecting that, but the character’s relate in ways that are more authentic, even if that means they’re not heroic. In many ways, this book subverts and challenges what it means to be a hero (seriously, there’s a fantastic Campell shout out in here).


While investigating each character’s background, the pieces of a mystery are subtly put into place. It’s so deftly done that I didn’t realize I had been reading a mystery until near the very end. This elevated a lot of what could’ve been interpreted as meandering navel gazing into a deeper, more fully formed story. When the story ended, I found I didn’t want it to end, which is the sign of reading something sublime.

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