Any fan of Alastair Reynolds work should pre-order SLOW BULLETS now


At STARBURST, Tony Jones reviews Alastair Reynolds’ SLOW BULLETS.

Fans of Alastair Reynolds’s Revelation Space stories will recognise much of the world of Slow Bullets; much but not all. The central figure (but not quite hero) is Scur, a soldier from the dying days of a war in our far future whose last act was to be caught and tortured by enemy soldier Orvin. The story shifts without warning to Scur waking up from cryo-sleep on board the spaceship Caprice. Here we have something different – in this world it is possible to travel faster than light, though this is not without its perils.


Although the story does come together, it does have a tendency to jump between ideas. There is enough imagination in Slow Bullets to have created at least one modern-length book and, even though Slow Bullets is a good read, many will reach the end and wish there had been more.

Tachyon Press are releasing Slow Bullets on June 9th in all the usual formats and any fan of Alastair Reynolds work should pre-order now.


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