Peter S. Beagle’s lyrical IN CALABRIA is a delight from start to finish

Reviews keep rolling in for Peter S Beagle’s forthcoming IN CALABRIA.

John Walters on his eponymous site delights in the novel.

IN CALABRIA is a short novel with few characters and a simple plot about a Calabrese farmer who one day discovers a pregnant unicorn in his orchard.  For some reason that the simple, gruff farmer cannot imagine, the unicorn chooses his land as the birthplace for her colt.  I don’t want to give away more of the plot because I want you to discover the joy and wonder of the story for yourself.  It’s a beautiful tale told in simple yet elegant language.  Although Beagle is almost eighty years old, he has lost none of his gift of writing spellbinding prose that so enthralled me as his young student back in 1973.  He must have spent extensive time in Italy and traveled through Calabria, because he perfectly captures the feel of the place, the character of the people, and the Italian expressions.  This book is a delight to read from start to finish, and I hope that many readers are carried away by its poetic enchantment.

For SCIFINOW, Becky Lea praises the book.

Aiding this is Beagle’s gentle prose, describing enough to set the scene and stoke the imagination. The simplicity of the language belies the depth of the tale too; Beagle threads through explorations of the need for community, forgiveness and the importance of embracing the unknown rather than automatically fearing it.

A lyrical modern fairy tale, IN CALABRIA is a lovely tale of finding magic in our world and the importance of protecting it while we have it. It’s the hopeful kind of story we all need right now

Tracy J. Erickson at GALLEYWAMPUS previews the fantasy alongside a review of SUMMERLONG.

If you’re looking for just the opposite, something glorious and amazing and wonderful and rare is headed our way. As I mentioned briefly last week, the legendary Peter Beagle will be releasing his second new book in less than a year when IN CALABRIA arrives on Valentines Day. 

And if you didn’t pick up his lovely SUMMERLONG when it came out in September, then you shouldn’t wait any longer as it was a wonderful and notably adult fantasy in the sense that the characters are adults, with adult lives and responses rather than teenagers or early twentysomethings. Refreshingly different and fabulously written.

FANTASY CAFE includes the tale among its Anticipated 2017 Fantasy and Science Fiction Book Releases.

Although this appears to be unrelated to THE LAST UNICORN, I still want to read any story Peter S. Beagle writes featuring a unicorn!

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