Meet the award-winning Jo Walton


Winner of the Campbell, World Fantasy, Hugo, Nebula, and James Tiptree Jr. awards, Jo Walton joins Kaz Lefave, Sylvain Neuvel, and host Sovita Chander for ImagiNation 2018 in Ville de Québec, QC on Friday, April 6 6:30PM.


Robotics, aliens, time-travelling goddesses, philosophers of the past, toxic futures, and twins! Come explore exciting themes in contemporary Canadian science fiction. In this panel, Kaz Lefave, Sylvain Neuvel, and Jo Walton discuss current issues in the genre of science fiction as well as the various worlds they’ve created in their writings.


At Morrin Centre

Adults: $14
Morrin Centre Members: $10.50
Students: $7

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