Potential University of Washington course to feature SUPER STORIES OF HEROES & VILLAINS


According to their site, the University of Washington’s Department of Economics has proposed a pop culture course concentrating on super heroes. Claude Lalumière’s Super Stories of Heroes & Villains is mentioned as the primary text for prose super heroes tales.

This course will turn to American popular culture as a source of reflection on the idea of the superhuman. We will consider how this concept has been gendered, so we will examine examples of both the superman and the superwoman.


I expect to end the course by reading some recent attempts to narrate superheroes in print fiction, probably using the story collection Super Stories of Heroes & Villains, ed. Claude Lalumiere. As time permits, we might read another superhero novel by Austin Grossman, Samit Basu, Ayize Jama-Everett, or Carrie Vaughn.

Read about the rest of the proposed class at the University of Washington’s Department of Economics page.

For info about Super Stories of Heroes & Villains, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Elizabeth Story.