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Harrison was the Monster Detective, a storybook hero. Now he’s in his mid-thirties and spends most of his time popping pills and not sleeping. Stan became a minor celebrity after being partially eaten by cannibals. Barbara is haunted by unreadable messages carved upon her bones. Greta
may or may not be a mass-murdering arsonist. Martin never takes off his
sunglasses. Never. No one believes the extent of their horrific
tales, not until they are sought out by psychotherapist Dr. Jan
Sayer. What happens when these seemingly-insane outcasts form a support
group? Together they must discover which monsters they face are
within—and which are lurking in plain sight.

“[STARRED REVIEW] This complex novel—scathingly funny, horrific yet oddly inspiring—constructs a seductive puzzle from
torn identities, focusing on both the value and peril of fear. When
enigmatic Dr. Jan Sayer gathers survivors of supernatural violence for
therapy, she unwittingly unlocks evil from the prison of consciousness.
Harrison, a cynical monster-hunter, wallows in lethargy. Suicidal
Barbara burns to read the secret messages inscribed on her bones.
Cantankerous Stan is the lone survivor of a cannibal feast. After
paranoid Martin sees slithery spirits lingering around volatile Greta, a
powerful young woman decorated with mystically charged scars, ancient
evils usher the rag-tag survivors to a battle with the Hidden Ones,
exiled deities trapped in prisons of flesh. Gregory’s beautiful imagery
and metaphors bring bittersweet intimacy and tenderness to the primal
wonder of star-lit legends. Isolated people, both victims and
victimizers, are ghosts in a waking world, blind to their encounters
with living nightmares. Blending the stark realism of pain and isolation
with the liberating force of the fantastic, Gregory (Afterparty)
makes it easy to believe that the world is an illusion, behind which
lurks an alternative truth—dark, degenerate, and sublime.”
—Publishers Weekly

“…a clever and creepy horror tale…”
—Library Journal

“Clever, and filled with the creeping dread of what’s in the
flickering shadow next to you and what’s just around the corner that
suffuses the best horror. I loved it.”
—Ellen Datlow, Bram Stoker, World Fantasy, and International Horror Guild award-winning editor of The Best Horror of the Year series

Selected as the Horror After Dark Top Horror Read for 2014
“[Gregory’s] plotting, characterisations, and yes, the writing itself,
is all that good. In short, this one completely blew me away….”
Horror After Dark

“Charming and horrifying—you won’t be able to stop reading it.”
—Tim Powers, award-winning author of Declare and The Stress of Her Regard

“Daryl Gregory’s We Are All Completely Fine is bitchin’ fun and as wicked and strange as a motorcycle leap through a ring of fire without your pants on. Loved it.”
—Joe R. Lansdale, author of Cold in July and the Hap and Leonard series

“Daryl Gregory is a writer I would happily follow into any dark place
he wanted me to go. This is a labyrinth of a story, intricate as a
spider’s web—and like a spider’s web, each piece informs the whole.
—Seanan McGuire, author of the October Daye series and Half-Off Ragnarok

“A superb, haunting tale by one of our very best writers. Gregory’s
characters are already in therapy; you may want to join them after
reading this spicy, disturbing mélange.”
—Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues

“Lovecraft meets Cabin in the Woods in this tale of survivors of various supernatural horrors who come together in a support group to try to heal….fascinating”
—Fantastic Reads

“Gregory (Pandemonium, The Devil’s Alphabet, et.
al.) has done it again with yet another singularly unique,
genre-blending masterwork about a support group of victims of paranormal
violence who realize that their nightmarish traumas are all related.
This creepy concoction of supernatural fiction, mystery, and horror is a
dark little literary gem that readers will absolutely cherish.”
Paul Goat Allen, Barnes &

“[Gregory’s] most tightly constructed and compulsively readable novel
to date, and a small gem of what we might call post-horror horror.”

“I read this book in two hours on the plane home from Loncon and just holy shit. It is gripping from start to finish.”
—The Book Smugglers

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