The influential Ward Moore was born 114 years ago

Photo: © Bridgeman Art Library / Private Collection

Born in Madison, NJ on August 10, 1903, Ward Moore wrote the first of his six novels in 1942 with the picaresque, Great Depression novel BREATHE THE AIR AGAIN. His next novel GREENER THAN YOU THINK (1947) established his reputation as a writer of intelligent science fiction. Moore’s influential masterpiece BRING THE JUBILEE (1953) is considered the definitive alternative world Civil War novel. 

He co-authored the novels JOYLEG (1962 w Avram Davidson) and CADUCEUS WILD (1978 w Robert Bradford). In 1996, Tachyon published the mash up novel of two famed Moore short stories LOT & LOT’S DAUGHTER. The stories served as the uncredited basis for the movie PANIC IN YEAR ZERO! (1962).

“Although he contributed only infrequently to the field, each of [Ward Moore’s] books became something of a classic.”


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Cover by William Reid