Patricia A. McKillip’s THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD warms the heart on a cold grey day

Patricia A. McKillip’s legendary, World Fantasy Award winner THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD continues to find new fans and garner praise.


Anne Gracie at THE WORD WENCHES enjoys her first reading of the classic.

Seems I missed one of the classics in the field: THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD by Patricia McKillip. A Forgotten2 friend recommended it recently and I downloaded an e-copy. It’s a good read and useful from a writing standpoint. I find Fantasy sometimes gives a different slant on “voice”. There’s enough storytelling distance to make the unselfconsciously rich and beautiful language sound natural.

FORGOTTEN BEASTS is a love story set among powerful magics and conflicting loyalties. Warms the heart on a cold grey day.

For the AZURE DWARF, William G. Bentrim likes the book.


This is a morality play.

McKillip’s protagonists Sybel and Coren demonstrate hatred and redemption, the rest are the trappings of the plot.This is also a love story and love often can be rocky.

The story has fantastic beasts, magic, love, dominance, hatred and redemption.

I enjoyed it. 


Patricia A. McKillip at Westercon 64 in the Fairmont San Jose Hotel on Saturday 2 July 2011 (Stephen Gold/Wikimedia Commons)

PETHELPFUL mentions the fantasy in 60 Magical and Unique Names for Cats.

Moriah: A large black cat in THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD, by Patricia A. McKillip. Moriah is renowned for her knowledge of secret charms and spells.

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Cover by Thomas Canty