The New York Times profiles Brandon Sanderson


In the April 16 edition, The New York Times featured Brandon Sanderson, author of the Hugo Award winning novella The Emperor’s Soul and of the #1 NYT Bestseller Words of Radiance.

As in raising chulls, it takes patience to learn to write fantasy. And for Mr. Sanderson, 38, it hasn’t quite been a straight shot to the top. First, he secured the perfect job in which to hone his craft — working the graveyard shift as a hotel clerk in Provo, Utah. “I was really appreciative of how quiet Provo is after 10 o’clock,” Mr. Sanderson said in a phone interview. After six years, though, all he had to show was a dozen unsold manuscripts. “I was getting stacks and stacks of rejections,” he said in a video interview with the alumni magazine of Brigham Young University, where he went to school. “When you’ve finished 12 novels and haven’t made a single dime, you really ought to take a long, hard look at what you’re doing.”

Tachyon boss Jacob Weisman joined in the fun.

And Jacob Weisman, publisher of Tachyon Publications, which published Mr. Sanderson’s “The Emperor’s Soul,” winner of the 2013 Hugo Award for best novella, said, “Brandon is part of the new breed of epic fantasy authors who have redefined the genre.” Mr. Weisman was referring to writers like Peter V. Brett, Mr. Rothfuss and Joe Abercrombie, whose novels, like his hard-bitten “First Law” series, reject the stateliness of Tolkien and his imitators, and have the feel of gangster fantasy.

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