Excitement surrounds the publication of LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG

As copies of LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG trickle into stores weeks before the announced publication date, anticipation bubbles around the web.

photo: Kathryn Hollinrake

BOOK FRIVOLITY includes LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG among its 10 Fantastic Fantasy Releases for September 2015.

I can honestly say, I have enjoyed every one of these little chickens, whether in full or just having the chance for a pre-perusal.

There’s awesome flying adventures in Updraft, military steampunkery in Aeronaut’s Windlass, arse kicking in the desert in Twelve Kings, intrigues a plenty in Sorcerer to The Crown and a whole host of new short stories from Kelley Armstrong. I’ve also scored the full ARC of The Traitor (Baru Commorant) that I featured a few weeks ago, that I can’t wait to share my thoughts on. And that’s just a few! I feel the exhaustion setting in!

Whether your looking for fantastic world building, awesome characters, and/or a splendiferous storyline, September really is Looking Good!

YA & FANTASY BOOK REVIEWS AND BLOGS interviewed Kelley Armstrong on her recent visit to Australia.

ME: What stands out as the best scene for you to write?

KELLEY: My favourite type of scene is character interaction—namely dialogue, particularly if it’s more than an exchange of information. Emotional or humorous interactions are my faves.

ME: What was the most difficult?

KELLEY: Action scenes are always tough. I can visualize them, but it’s hard to capture that on the page and without it being a dull step-by-step replay. Actions scenes are also my second favourite type to write, though. Character interaction is much easier and flows faster but action can be the most rewarding for me.


ME: You have so many free fiction stories on your website. Will they ever be put into print? Such as one big anthology?

KELLEY: There used to be a lot of free fiction on there, but most of it came down years ago when I sold Men of the Otherworld and Tales of the Otherworld. Those two anthologies were primarily formerly free fiction, so I continue to donate all my proceeds to charity (World Literacy of Canada.) I also sold 3 anthologies of Otherworld shorts after the series ended. The second of those comes out January (Otherworld Secrets.) I have an ebook anthology with Subterranean Press for my YA (Darkest Powers Tales) and Tachyon Press is doing a “best of” anthology of my work this fall (Led Astray).

Read the rest of the interview at YA & FANTASY BOOK REVIEWS AND BLOGS.

For more information on LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG, visit the Tachyon page.

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