Tachyon titles featured in 105 Books Sci-Fi & Fantasy Editors Can’t Wait for You to Read in 2019

The annual B&N SCI-FI & FANTASY BLOG preview round up features five Tachyon titles.


Kiernan is one of the preeminent horror writers of her generation. Her work has mainly been collected in limited editions, and this definitive collection is available at long-last in an affordable paperback edition. Kiernan’s gorgeously-written, powerful stories, like those of Clive Barker and Carmen Maria Machado, defy social conventions of morality, gender, and sexuality. Kiernan always takes readers straight to the heart of disquieting emotional truths.

THE UNICORN ANTHOLOGY, edited by Peter S. Beagle and Jacob Weisman (April)

THE UNICORN ANTHOLOGY is edited by the 2018 World Fantasy Award-winning team of unicorn expert Peter S. Beagle and publisher/editor Jacob Weisman. This surprisingly wide-ranging book has been tagged as “Unicorns: Not Just For Virgins Anymore.” The Unicorn Anthology is a very unexpected and ultimately delightful volume, featuring top-notch stories by some of the most acclaimed writers in fantasy, including Garth Nix, Carrie Vaughn, Karen Joy Fowler, Patricia A. McKillip, and of course, Peter S. Beagle, with a tale that is decisively not from The Last Unicorn.

THE LAST TSAR’S DRAGONS, by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple (June)

During the Russian Revolution, the Cossacks were like the Tsar’s human attack-dogs. But in the deft hands of experienced writing team Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple, the Tsar’s dragons harrow the people—especially targeting the Russian Jews and Bolsheviks. In a revisionist secanrio, there is plot to redistribute the power of dragons, and the Russian Revolution hinges on machinations both in the sky and on the ground. THE LAST TSAR’S DRAGONS is a vivid reinvention of the fates of Nicholas II, the royal court, Rasputin, and Mother Russia herself.

THE VIOLENT CENTURY by Lavie Tidhar (July)

Israel-British author Lavie Tidhar’s career has rapidly risen in the U.S. after the publication of CENTRAL STATION and UNHOLY LAND, both selected for multiple Best of the Year lists, including Barnes & Nobles’. This year, we’re reissuing Tidhar’s tour de force novel THE VIOLENT CENTURY, a complex, Tidharian (as his reviewers call his work) novel features quantum-powered spies that fight the wars of the past. This is a book that uses superheroes to deftly explore the power of loyalty and love in times of political and moral struggle.

MEET ME IN THE FUTURE: STORIES, by Kameron Hurley (Summer)

Fan favorite Kameron Hurley (God’s War, The Geek Feminist Revolution)’s stories are intensely personal, and frequently explore—as Hurley writes—the body itself in all of its gory mushiness. Hurley is unafraid of the blood and viscera of life and death, or of strong women, men, and those who choose to be either. Her stories are also surprisingly optimistic, and always clear-eyed about both the pitfalls and the promise of technological shifts, the alien and unknown, and the essence of humanity itself.

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