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    Canadian Kelley Armstrong’s first novel Bitten, the initial book of Women Of The Otherworld, was published in 2001. The immensely popular series eventually culminated with the thirteenth volume, Thirteen, in 2012. Beginning in 2014, Bitten was adapted for television by the Canadian channel Space. The seventh book No Humans Involved was Armstrong’s first New York Times best-seller.

    In 2007, Armstrong began her second series, Nadia Stafford, with Exit Strategy. 2008’s The Summoning started The Darkest Powers trilogy. The second volume of the series Awakening achieved a number one status on the New York Times best-seller list. She followed that series in 2011 with the sequel trilogy The Darkness Rising.

    Armstrong started the Cainsville series in 2013, which is comprised of five novels–omens (2013), Visions (2014), Deceptions (2015), Betrayals (2016), and Rituals (2017)–and the young adult The Age Of Legends with Sea Of Shadows (2014), Empire Of Night (2015), and Forest Of Ruin (2016). She has published (as K. L. Armstrong co-authored with Melissa Marr) the middle-grade fantasy series Blackwell Pages Trilogy.

    Her short stories have been collected in several books including Men Of The Otherworld (2010), Tales of the Otherworld (2012), Otherworld Nights (2014), Darkest Powers Tales (2015), LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG (2015), and Otherworld Chills (2016).

    All of us at Tachyon, wish the extraordinary Kelley a happy birthday! Beware the creatures of the night.

    For more info on LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG, visit the Tachyon page.

    Cover by Elizabeth Story

  • Ellen Datlow’s acclaimed anthology LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS is a Kindle Daily Deal for Friday, December 13.

    For today only, the ebook is available for just $1.99!

    “Some of the best Lovecraftian short fiction of the past 30 years.”
    Washington Post

    Behold these newly-illustrated legends of modern horror’s most wicked progeny. In LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, H. P. Lovecraft’s famous creations—Cthulhu, Shoggoths, Deep Ones, and more—are celebrated in all their terrifying glory. Contributors include such literary luminaries as Neil Gaiman, Joe R. Lansdale, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Karl Edward Wagner, Elizabeth Bear, and Nick Mamatas. The monsters are lovingly rendered in spectacular original art by World Fantasy Award–winning artist John Coulthart (The Steampunk Bible).

    “If you like Lovecraft even a little bit, this collection is a must.”
    Book Riot

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction by Ellen Datlow
    • Foreword by Stefan Dziemianowicz
    • “Only the End of the World Again” by Neil Gaiman
    • “The Bleeding Shadow” by Joe R. Lansdale
    • “Love Is Forbidden, We Croak and Howl” by Caitlín R. Kiernan
    • “Bulldozer” by Laird Barron
    • “A Quarter to Three” by Kim Newman
    • “Inelastic Collisions” by Elizabeth Bear
    • “That of Which We Speak When We Speak of the Unspeakable” by Nick Mamatas
    • “Red Goat Black Goat” by Nadia Bulkin
    • “Jar of Salts” and “Haruspicy” by Gemma Files
    • “Black as the Pit From Pole to Pole” by Howard Waldrop and Steven Utley
    • “I’ve Come to Talk With You Again” by Karl Edward Wagner
    • “The Sect of the Idiot” by Thomas Ligotti
    • “The Dappled Thing” by William Browning Spencer
    • “The Same Deep Waters as You” by Brian Hodge
    • “Remnants” by Fred Chappell
    • “Waiting at the Cross Roads Motel” by Steve Rasnic Tem
    • “Children of the Fang” by John Langan

    “Ellen Datlow’s second editorial outing into the realm of Lovecraft proves even more fruitful than the first. Focusing on Lovecraftian monsters, Datlow offers readers sixteen stories and two poems of a variety that should please any fans of the genre.”
    The Arkham Digest

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    Cover and illustrations by John Coulthart

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    The fine folks at B&N SCI-FI & FANTASY BLOG were the first to reveal the fantastical cover to SFWA Grandmaster Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple latest collaboration THE LAST TSAR’S DRAGONS.

    As the author of well more than 300 books—many of them in the genres we all love best—Jane Yolen is a veritable institution in sci-fi and fantasy, and yet any new book from her warrants excitement for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that you never know quite what to expect when you crack one of them open (her most recent is a novella-length prose poem about a contemporary Baba Yaga).

    Today, we’re happy to bring you news—and the cover—for one of her next releases. Co-written with her regular collaborator (and son) Adam Stemple (Singer of Souls), THE LAST TSAR’S DRAGONS is a fantastical alternate history that brings dragons into the true story of the waning days of the Russian monarchy.

    Check out the official summary below, followed by the cover, with art by  Anabelle Gerardy and design by Elizabeth Story.

    It is the waning days of the Russian monarchy. A reckless man rules the land and his dragons rule the sky. Although the Tsar continues to send his reign of fire to scorch his enemies—Jews and Bolsheviks—instead he lays waste to his entire country.

    Even dragons are cannot quell the conspiracies arising around the Tsar, from the ranks of the oppressed, political operatives, and one nameless functionary watching power slip away. Even the Tsar’s foreign-born wife believes that his tactics are tantamount to evil. But revolution is in the air—and the Red Army is hatching its own weapons.

    Discover the crux of Russian history as it is radically and entertainingly re-imagined by dynamic writing team Jane Yolen ( THE EMERALD CIRCUS) and Adam Stemple.

    For more info on THE LAST TSAR’S DRAGONS, visit the Tachyon page.

    Cover art by Anabelle Gerardy

    Design by Elizabeth Story

  • There’s an apple tree at our office, and the fruit will definitely not put you into an enchanted sleep. Very normal apples over here.

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  • The notices pile up for Lavie Tidhar’s enthralling UNHOLY LAND.

    THE GUARDIANCRIME TIME (selected by Maxim Jakubowski without comment), and THE SPECULATIVE SHELF all select the novel as one of the best books of the year.

    THE GUARDIAN (Adam Roberts):

    Lavie Tidhar’s UNHOLY LAND (Tachyon) extrapolates from the historical plan to establish Israel in east Africa rather than Palestine. It’s a gripping thriller: clever, bloody, ironic and twisted.


    UNHOLY LAND is a stunning achievement. It is packed to the brim with engaging ideas and features a captivating story that I could not stop puzzling over. There is such an ethereal and intoxicating quality to the story and Tidhar’s writing that I found myself floating through the chapters, not always sure what was happening, or whose perspective we were seeing, but knowing that I wanted to keep reading. The intersecting story threads twisted my brain into a pretzel and I loved it.

    Photo: Kevin Nixon. © Future Publishing 2013

    THE BOOK LOVER’S BOUDOIR praises the work.

    I really enjoyed this book though it baffled me at times. UNHOLY LAND is about a dozen different things at once and I never really knew what to expect. In one breath I was reading a noir mystery then the next page I was caught up in an alternate history and before I could say WTF I found myself reading about multiple earths. This is truly remarkable and unique book. I had no idea what was going to happen or where the author was going to lead (or drag me) next.This is a truly unique and interesting reading experience. I loved every page.I definitely want to read more by this author.

    BOOKS, BONES & BUFFY enjoys the challenging book.

    Tidhar’s latest is a challenging but ultimately satisfying read that deals with histories, both real and imagined.

    Reading a Lavie Tidhar book is like being in a fever dream. Events, characters, places and impressions swirl around you, creating a sense of unease, or confusion, or sadness. Tidhar pieces the parts of his stories together with magical thread, and connections which seem tenuous at first turn out to make sense later on. I’m in awe of his writing abilities, and although this book may be classified as speculative fiction, I can see this sitting comfortably on a shelf alongside more traditional literary works.

    For more info on UNHOLY LAND, visit the Tachyon page.

    Cover by Sarah Anne Langton

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