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    The Edgar and James Tiptree Jr Award-winning author of more than fifty novels including THE ODDLING PRINCE and the acclaimed YA series Enola Holmes about Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister and soon to be a major motion picture, Nancy Springer is the keynote speaker for the 10th annual KCPL Authors & Audiences Writers Conference at the Kent County Public Library in Dover, DE on July 9.


    KCPL Authors & Audiences Writers Conference
    Kent County Public Library
    497 South Red Haven Lane
    Dover, DE
    Saturday, July 20

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    Cover art by Brian Giberson
    Design by Elizabeth Story

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    David Hartwell with Jacob and Rina Weisman at James Cummins Bookseller (photo: Ellen Datlow)

    A recipient of the Hugo, World Fantasy, and Eaton awards, David G. Hartwell was a senior editor at Tor/Forge Books and the publisher ofThe New York Review of Science Fiction. He chaired the board of directors for the World Fantasy Convention and founded the Philip K. Dick Award. Though Hartwell wrote the sci-fi insider account Age of Wonders (1984), he’s best remembered for his nearly 50 acclaimed anthologies which included The Dark Descent (1987), The World Treasury of Science Fiction (1989), The Ascent of Wonder: The Evolution of Hard SF (1994; with Kathryn Cramer), Northern Suns (1999; with Glenn Grant), The Science Fiction Century (2006), The Hard SF Renaissance THE HARD SF RENAISSANCE (2012; with Cramer), THE SWORD & SORCERY ANTHOLOGY (2012; with Jacob Weisman), and Twenty-First Century Science Fiction (2013; with Patrick Nielsen Hayden). From 1996-2013, Hartwell edited 18 volumes of Year’s Best SF (11 with Cramer) and with Cramer, eight volumes of YEAR’S BEST FANTASY (2001-2009).


    After time at Signet and Berkley, Hartwell moved onto Pocket Books, where he founded the Timescape imprint and created the Pocket Books Star Trek publishing line. He edited the best-novel Nebula Award-winners Timescape by Gregory Benford (1980), The Claw of the Conciliator by Gene Wolfe (1981), and No Enemy But Time by Michael Bishop (1982), as well as the best-novel Hugo Award-winner Hominids by Robert J.Sawyer (2002).


    Following a severe head injury, Hartwell passed away in 2016. The editorial genius with the bright ties is missed.

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    Cover by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach
    Design by Elizabeth Story

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    Cover designs by Ann Monn

  • APOCALYPSE NYX by the Hugo Award winning Kameron Hurley is a Kindle Daily Deal for Wednesday, July 10.

    For today only, the ebook is available for just $1.99!

    “You’re going to love Nyx … she makes Han Solo look like a Boy Scout.”

    Ex-government assassin turned bounty-hunter Nyx is good at solving other people’s problems. Her favorite problem-solving solution is punching people in the face. Then maybe chopping off some heads. Hey—it’s a living.

    Nyx’s disreputable reputation has been well earned. After all, she’s trying to navigate an apocalyptic world full of giant bugs, contaminated deserts, scheming magicians, and a centuries-long war that’s consuming her future. Managing her ragtag squad of misfits has required a lot of morally-gray choices. Every new job is another day alive. Every new mission is another step toward changing a hellish future—but only if she can survive.

    APOCALYPSE NYX is the must-have collection of Kameron Hurley’s five newest Nyx adventures.

    “Nyx is back and just as good as ever. In this new collection of five novellas, Kameron Hurley serves up courses of crunchy action and intrigue, layered with tender character moments that bring real depth to this intense, unique world.”
    —JY Yang, author of The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of Fortune

    “The plots are taut, thrilling, gritty, violent, profane, magical—everything Hurley’s readers expect … Hurley has created one of the most engrossing environments in modern sf.”


    • The Body Project
    • The Heart is Eaten Last
    • Soulbound
    • Crossroads at Jannah
    • Paint it Red

    “Series fans will savor original episodes featuring the battle-worn Nyx, which also serve as an introduction to new readers.”
    Library Journal

    “An excellent introduction for those wondering whether to pick up the original trilogy or a great way for those who have already read the previous books chronicling Nyx’s adventures to spend a bit more time in Nyx’s violent world.”
    SF Revu

    “This collection recaptures everything that made the Bel Dame Apocrypha such a memorable read and is a must for anyone who’s a fan of the original series. Apocalypse Nyx is also the perfect opportunity for newcomers to get a feel for the universe and its protagonists for the first time.”
    Fantasy Hotlist

    “Highly recommended as a fun adult action-packed scifi with a scoundrel protagonist.”
    Read Well

    “Those already familiar with Nyx and crew should enjoy these delightfully grimy and sweaty slices of their world. The newbies will have titles to add to their reading lists.”

    “Compelling and fast-paced, gruesome and titillating at turns, presenting an approach to gender and sexuality that is appalling but fascinating.”

    For more info on APOCALYPSE NYX, visit the Tachyon page.

    Cover by Wadim Kashin
    Design by Elizabeth Story

  • Photo by Scott R. Kline

    Acclaimed science, science fiction, and historical fiction writer Ellen Klages wrote The Green Glass Sea (2006), which won the prestigious Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction, and its sequel, White Sands, Red Menace (2008), which garnered her the California Book Award. Other works include the Nebula and Hugo Award nominee TIME GYPSY (1999), the Nebula Award winner “Basement Magic” (2003), the World Fantasy Award winner Wakulla Springs (2013; with Andy Duncan), World Fantasy and British Fantasy Award winner Passing Strange (2017), and Children’s History Book Prize winner Out of Left Field (2018).

    Her many short stories have been collected in the World Fantasy Award Finalists PORTABLE CHILDHOODS (2007) and WICKED WONDERS (2017). Klages emcees a popular auction at Wiscon that raises money for the James Tiptree, Jr. Award.

    All of us at Tachyon wish the extraordinary Ellen a happy birthday.

    For more info on WICKED WONDERS, visit the Tachyon page.

    Cover design by Elizabeth Story

    For more info on  PORTABLE CHILDHOODS, visit the Tachyon page.

    Cover by Ellen Klages
    Design by John D. Berry

  • Photo: Kyle Cassidy

    The New York Times bestselling writer, editor, teacher, and publisher, Jeff VanderMeer has won the Rhysling Award, British Fantasy Award, BSFA Award, the World Fantasy Award three times, and most recently the Nebula and Shirley Jackson Awards for Annihilation (2014), the first volume of The Southern Reach trilogy.  Other acclaimed fiction includes Borne (2017), the rest of The Southern Reach trilogy (Authority [2014] and Acceptance [2014]), Finch (2009) and Shriek: An Afterword (2006). Many of his shorter works have been collected in City of Saints and Madmen (2001), The Day Dali Died (2003), Secret Life (2004), Secret Lives (2008), The Surgeon’s Tale and Other Stories (2007; with Cat Rambo), THE THIRD BEAR (2010), and The Compass of his Bones and Other Stories (2011). The film Annihilation, directed by Alex Garland and starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tessa Thompson and based on the VanderMeer novel, premiered in 2018 to rave reviews.

    VanderMeer co-edited (unless otherwise noted all alongside award-winning editor Ann VanderMeer) several groundbreaking and popular anthologies including The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide To Eccentric & Discredited Diseases (2003; with Mark Roberts), THE NEW WEIRD (2008), STEAMPUNK (2008), STEAMPUNK II: STEAMPUNK RELOADED (2010), The Weird (2011), The Time Traveler’s Almanac (2013), Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology (2015), The Big Book of Science Fiction (2016), and The Big Book of Classic Fantasy (2019). Also with Ann, he produced THE KOSHER GUIDE TO IMAGINARY ANIMALS (2010).

    Among his numerous nonfiction volumes are the acclaimed volumes BOOKLIFE: STRATEGIES AND SURVIVAL TIPS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY WRITER (2009), The Steampunk Bible (2011; with S. J. Chambers), and Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction (2013).

    All of us at Tachyon wish the multi-faceted Jeff a squidastic birthday, full of fungi and other things that creep in the darkness.

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    Cover by Jacob McMurray

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    Cover by Ann Monn

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    Cover by Ann Monn

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    Cover by Dan Jones (Tinketbots)
    Design by Ann Monn

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    Cover by John Coulthart

    For more info about BOOKLIFE: STRATEGIES AND SURVIVAL TIPS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY WRITER, visit the Tachyon page.

    Cover by John Coulthart

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