The fascinating DRIFTWOOD by Marie Brennan makes a huge impression

With the imminent, but not quite yet, publication of Marie Brennan’s DRIFTWOOD (but available for pre-order from your favorite bookseller or direct from Tachyon), interest continues to grow.

HIDDEN IN PAGES praises the book with 5 stars.

My Summary (5/5): Overall this was very creative and unique and had some amazing world-building. I enjoyed the mysterious character of Last and how he navigated the world of Driftwood to help people survive in this ever changing landscape. Driftwood is an amazing place and I would love to read more stories or even a full length novel set here. Highly recommended especially to those who enjoy amazing and wondrous worlds. This book made a huge impression on me and I constantly find myself thinking about it.

A BOOKISH TYPE feels much the same.

DRIFTWOOD, by Marie Brennan, is the kind of weirdness I adore in fiction


I loved to see all the different pronouns used so matter-of-factly as new sentient species are presented. The overall tone of DRIFTWOOD is melancholy, I reveled in all of the world-building Brennan packed into this book.


DRIFTWOOD, by Marie Brennan, is a short, sweet, and dark apocalyptic fantasy that does not overstay its welcome while leaving you desiring more.

As does POWDER & PAGE.

Marie Brennan’s work always deals with such fascinating concepts and Driftwood may be the most fascinating of all.

The audio version of DRIFTWOOD as read by Christina Delaine is now available for pre-orders from all finer retailers.