In the time of the Coronavirus, Marie Brennan’s fascinating DRIFTWOOD shares a lesson worth remembering

Roughly one month from publication (but available for pre-order from your favorite bookseller or direct from Tachyon), interest in Marie Brennan’s DRIFTWOOD ramps up.

At NERDS OF A FEATHER, FLOCK TOGETHER, Paul Weimer praises the book.

And what brings worlds there in the first place to that doom isn’t the point, and as we learn in the stories, the slow destruction isn’t the point, either. The point is what the people of these worlds do with the time that they have. In the time of the Coronavirus, that’s a lesson worth remembering.

In a self-interview, Stephen Theaker on his THEAKER’S QUARTERLY FICTION reveals his thoughts on the novel.

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DRIFTWOOD by Marie Brennan, about a place where what seem to be the ghosts of dead planets cluster before disappearing forever. Very good.

SIMPLY A BOOK DRUNKARD also thought highly of the work.

It took me a few chapters to get into this, the lack of main plot line confusing me. But then I was absolutely hooked on this fascinating setting with its diversity in people. It is a shorter read, one I easily got through in a few hours. It is so worth it though, because it is interesting and unique.

I really hope more books will be set in this world. I had a great time with it and highly recommend picking this one up.

THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE deems the forthcoming book as squee-worthy.

August squeeing keeps right on going with Driftwood, introducing a new post-apocalyptic universe – ‘where worlds go to die’ – from Marie Brennan.

A REFUGE FROM LIFE includes DRIFTWOOD among Most Anticipated Books of the 2nd Half of 2020.