One of the year’s best collections, Kameron Hurley‘s extremely well written MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is a dang enjoyable read

Kameron Hurley’s love letter to the best of science fiction MEET ME IN THE FUTURE continues to impress.


For B&N SCI-FI & FANTASY BLOG, Maria Haskins praises the collection.

MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is an outstanding showcase for her powers as a writer and storyteller, and it is surely one of the best short story collections you will read this year.

Danielle Ballantyne in a starred review at FOREWORD expresses similar sentiments.

A trek across galaxies that hits home, MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is a love letter to the best of science fiction.

As does the Fairy Book Mother in their 5 star review.

Whether or not you’ve read Hurley before, if you’re a sci-fi reader and want to read something that will leave you thinking about the what-ifs, definitely check this out.


In another 5 star review, Allan Bishop at ELITIST BOOK REVIEWS joins the party.

MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is strange, brutal, and, at times, darkly funny. While it’s not perfect in its overall composition, it’s that imperfect balance that makes it so dang enjoyable to read.

Go read this salute to weirdness

NONSTOP READER gives their two cents.

Five stars. Beautifully curated collection of extremely well written stories.

Episode 33 of THE WORLDSHAPERS features an hour-long conversation with Kameron Hurley.

For info on MEET ME IN THE FUTURE, visit the Tachyon page.

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