LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS should please any fans of the genre


Justin Steele at The Arkham Digest lauds Ellen Datlow’s newest anthology Lovecraft’s Monsters.

In the Introduction, Datlow says that she had three goals in mind when putting this anthology together. She wanted to avoid pastiche, wanted to select stories that haven’t been overly reprinted, and to also showcase Lovecraft stories by authors not usually known for these types of stories. Although there are a few I have encountered elsewhere, Datlow was successful in all three of her goals. 

<Steele reviews his favorite stories from Lovecraft’s Monsters>

Ellen Datlow’s second editorial outing into the realm of Lovecraft proves even more fruitful than the first. Focusing on Lovecraftian monsters, Datlow offers readers sixteen stories and two poems of a variety that should please any fans of the genre. 

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Cover by John Coulthart.