SEA CHANGE is as well done as anything Nancy Kress has written

Even though, thanks to Covid-19, the release of Nancy Kress’ SEA CHANGE has been pushed back to late May, the book continues to garner a lot positive attention.

For AMAZING, Ernest Lilley includes the book among Science Fiction to Look for This April.

The science and politics are as well done as anything Kress has written, and Renetta, who lives more than one life at a time, is an engaging if imperfect character.

BACK SHELF BOOKS praises the title as well.

I highly recommend this novella, and can’t wait to read more Nancy Kress. 5/5 stars and all the praise I can muster.


SEA CHANGE works really well because its protagonist is extremely believable as she was back in our time and in this dark future.

Photo by Liza Trombi

FROM EARTH TO THE STARS (The Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Author & Editor Blog) interviews Kress about “Semper Augustus,” which appears in the March/April issue.

Asimov’s Editor: How did “Semper Augustus” germinate? Was there a spark of inspiration, or did it come to you slowly?

NK: Any piece of fiction has multiple sources. In one way, everything a writer has ever experienced, read, seen, or heard is a source, in that these things stock the deep well of the mind from which stories flow. But that’s a pretty general statement, isn’t it? For this story specifically, I was concerned with the condition of the United States right now. We have greater, and nastier, political divides than I have ever seen before. We have enormous income inequality. We have increasing automation putting people out of well-paying jobs, and that is likely to increase.