Charles de Lint declares “there’s not a dud to be found” in the massive TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC


For the March/April 2014 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Charles de Lint reviews The Treasury of the Fantastic as part of his regular column “Books To Look For.”

Turns out there’s not a dud to be found. I hope this ends up in many libraries — particularly school libraries where, one might wish, that at least a few times a year it will prove to be the catalyst to an appreciation of the fantastic for some young reader who is of just the right age to be swallowed whole by its sense of wonder in the same way so many of us were in our own teenage years. And after that, one can also hope that they’ll use the stories and authors found in this treasury as a roadmap to the other marvels to be found in the early history of our field. 

A few converts along those lines would make this book’s existence all that more essential.

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Cover art and design by Thomas Canty.