Happy birthday to the awesome Lauren Beukes

The internationally award-winning and bestselling South African writer Lauren Beukes’ followed her first book, the non-fiction Maverick: Extraordinary Women from South Africa’s Past (2006), with the novel Moxyland (2008). Her other novels include the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Zoo City (2010), Broken Monsters (2014), Afterland (2020), and Bridge (2023). Beukes’ British Fantasy Award-winner, The Shining Girls (2013), enjoyed an Elizabeth Moss-starring adaptation on AppleTV+.

Her graphic novel work includes Vertigo’s Survivor’s Club (2016), the Fables spin-off Fairest (2013), and Wonder Woman. Beukes’s nonfiction has been published in numerous magazines including The Hollywood Reporter, The Sunday Times, Marie Claire, and Elle.

Many of Beukes’s short stories were collected in the acclaimed SLIPPING: STORIES, ESSAYS, & OTHER WRITING (2016) and Pop Tarts and Other Stories (2014). Among her other works are The Bostik Book of Unbelievable Beasties (2016), made up of ridiculous rhymes with illustrations by kids in South Africa, and the Beukes’ directed, award-winning documentary Glitterboys & Ganglands (2011), about Cape Town’s biggest female impersonation beauty pageant.

Cover art by Clara Bacou
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All of us at Tachyon wish the sensational Lauren a happy birthday. If you choose to time travel today, be safe and healthy while avoiding all conundrums and serial killers. Especially the serial killers.