WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE: “Lovecraft meets Cabin in the Woods”


Fantastic Reading praises Daryl Gregory’s We Are Completely Fine.

4/5 stars

Lovecraft meets Cabin in the Woods in this tale of survivors of various supernatural horrors who come together in a support group to try to heal. But they discover that the “various” are less varied than they imagined and they’re all linked by their experiences and their therapist

We Are All Completely Fine is a short, relatively easy read, but there’s a lot going on in it nevertheless. The narrative style is fascinating, as the primary narrative voice is first-person plural; “we” are a group, “we” are fine, “we” felt this way, as if the idea of the group itself is an entity speaking to the reader from the pages. As the story unfolds, the plural collective makes even more sense, as the characters learn about their metaphysical connections.

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