Tachyon well represented at Capclave 2018

Tachyon authors Andrew Fox, Nancy Kress, and James Morrow join the World Fantasy nominee THE NEW VOICES OF FANTASY contributors A. C. Wise and Alyssa Wong at Capclave 2018 in Rockville, Maryland, September 28-30. Kress and Wong are guests of honor.

Nancy Kress (photo: Ellen Datlow) and Alyssa Wong

Sponsored by the Washington Science Fiction Association, Capclave is a small relaxed literary convention with a program that usually focuses on the short fiction form. Guests of Honor and other notable authors, editors, artists, and fans of the short fiction form will explore the creation and enjoyment of short fantasy and science fiction genre stories.

Andrew Fox, James Morrow, ans A. C. Wise

Capclave offers a large selection of readings, signings, and panels. To find any of these authors, check out the entire schedule on their site.