With the dense, nuanced THE BRUISING OF QILWA, Naseem Jamnia introduces a complex and intriguing world

Samuel R. Delany Fellowship recipient Naseem Jamnia’s fantastic debut novella THE BRUISING OF QILWA elicits rave reviews from Jo Ladzinski on their Jo Writers Fantasy blog and at More Books Please. Publishers Weekly reports that in her keynote speech for Children’s Institute 10, Charlie Jane Anders gave the book a shout out.

Cover for THE BRUISING OF QILWA by Naseem Jamnia
Cover by Elizabeth Story

Dense, nuanced, with characters who are trying their best in a complex cultural and political framework that ponders what trying one’s best on behalf of themselves and those around them.

Jo Writers Fantasy

Overall, this was a fantastic way to be inclusive and tell a unique story. However, I think authors should note how to handle pronouns from book. This was fantastic, and I would love to read more from Naseem Jamnia!

More Books Please

In addition to sharing anecdotes and writing advice, Anders boosted other SFF authors. She directed attendees to her Goodreads site and recommended Maggie Tokuda-Hall (The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea), Naseem Jamnia (THE BRUISING OF QILWA), Neil Cochrane (The Story of the Hundred Promises), and Megan Giddings (The Women Could Fly). Her talk, both genuine and generous, received a standing ovation from the audience.

Publisher’s Weekly