Lavie Tidhar’s fun, gently surreal UNHOLY LAND was a 2019 Notable Read

POSITRON CHICAGO included Tidhar’s UNHOLY LAND among the Notable 2019 Reads & Re-Reads.

The visions of alternate worlds are the main strength here—better, worse, stranger than our own—wrapped around the twin issues of Israel as persecuted and persecutor.

Lavie Tidhar, Ian McDonald, Liu Yixian, Wu Yan (photo by Wu Yan/courtesy of Locus)

For LOCUS, Tidhar reports from the Beijing SF Summit Forum 2019 and Shenzhen.

To make matters more interesting (for me!), my visit coincided with the Chinese publication of my novel Central Station. While the others were relaxing, I was reunited with my old friend Wu Yan at the Citic Bookstore in Beijing for a panel event. Professor Wu, whom one may well call the godfather of Chinese SF, was a central pillar of the convention – a couple of days later he’d be delivering a keynote address reporting on the financial profitability of the growing “SF sector” before the thousands of attendees.

Wu Yan happily informed me that I was known as in China as “the science fiction ghost” – apparently because no one has seen me since 2000. The name seemed to catch, based on the number of interviews I did which introduced me this way….

The Violent Century; cover by Sarah Anne Langton
Cover by Sarah Anne Langton